The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution 1.0.3

Sandbox Evolution really is an evolution in gameplay

There are a lot of games out there which claim to do something new. When you see the title ‘The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe’ you may well be dubious, but in fact it’s true! Okay, maybe not a universe, but it does let you craft worlds. View full description


  • Excellent HD pixel art
  • Loads of control over how to shape the world
  • Plenty of game modes and new ideas


  • Takes some patience to learn and play
  • Can be buggy due to the complexity of the game

There are a lot of games out there which claim to do something new. When you see the title ‘The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe’ you may well be dubious, but in fact it’s true! Okay, maybe not a universe, but it does let you craft worlds.

Akin to the 3D world shaper ‘From Dust’, this game lets you mould and craft the environment you play in, all with a fun and impressive pixel art style. For a change of pace and a game that truly feels different, this is ideal and it’s even free to play.

Evolution in pixel form

The idea behind The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe is that you get to shape the world that your characters are in. This is reminiscent of Scribblenauts, yet Sandbox Evolution focuses more on altering the environment than adding items. For example, you may have a level which is just a grassy field, but you can tap the screen to scoop out some earth and then fill it with water, making a pond.

The result is a mixture of puzzle game and art game, where you can draw all manner of things and characters. You also get the fun of trying to navigate the levels you make and shape using the characters you’ve customised.

Break the mould for mobile games

The big claim of The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe is overstating things a little, but you really can do a lot with your tools. You can effectively craft entire levels, then share them with other players.

This makes for a great dynamic of testing out the fiendish levels made by others, or trying your design skills against their platforming abilities. This system really makes the most of the mobile format. The art is excellent, matching HD quality and having visual effects like parallax scrolling.

Do not just assume that it will be ugly because it’s pixel based. You not only have creative control of over 170 elements, but you also have control over the music in game. As you can imagine, the sound is all chiptune music for that retro arcade feel. Once you’ve changed the world, fill it with electronic devices and technology like lights, or simply stuff it with TNT and blow it all up! You really do get a lot to play with for free, though of course you can make in-app purchases for game items to speed things along.

Crafting a cool game

The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe is perfect for those who are tired of standard platformers or have an interest in game design, as they will get a kick out of this opportunity to mould the world to their whims.

The game progresses with campaigns and daily quests, which challenge you to complete small storylines or improve your drawing skills. This is truly a refreshing change of pace, though it isn’t for impatient players.

Craft amazing pixel worlds or destroy the universe

Welcome to The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art world creation game. Play with physics, over 170 elements and controllable heroes. Make your own games or levels, and then share your creations online. There are no limits to your creativity and imagination! THE SANDBOX EVOLUTION FEATURES: NEW HIGHLIGHTS - Tap to drop elements, pinch to zoom and pan to scroll. Create or destroy with your fingertips - Amazing HD pixel art graphics featuring multiple visual effects, parallax scrolling and more - Build worlds up to 10x bigger than in the previous Sandbox game - Draw original art or fanboy tributes to your favorite retro characters with over 100 colors - Create your own levels using Blocks and other Platforming elements - Compose chiptune melodies and become a retro maestro - Share your creations in the Online Gallery - Save and Sync your progress online with Game Center, Facebook or Email - Follow your favorite Players and Top Creators via the Social Menu - Bookmark your favorite levels to revisit them anytime you want CREATE YOUR WORLD PIXEL AFTER PIXEL! - Build a 2D pixel world by mixing and matching over 170 elements to discover their interactions - Use predefined templates or start from scratch: Music, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Caveman or Avatar - Manipulate Natural elements: Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, Lava and more - Many Heroes with different skillsets: Shoot with Arnold, fly with Fujin or play with Hamster, the cutest of all THE GAME MAKER YOU WANTED - Begin with ready-to-use 4x4 pixel blocks, then add platforms, traps and enemies to spice things up - Create your own levels using Game Design elements: Controllable Heroes, Platforms, Portals, various Blocks or Spikes - Place a controllable hero character in your level to instantly add intuitive, direct control - Congratulations! You just made your very own 8bit pixel platformer level in less than a minute :) ADD LIFE & BUILD YOUR WORLD - Bring Life to your worlds with Dogs, Wolves, Bears, Cows, Deer or Sabertooth Tigers - Spread foliage and numerous tree varieties to bring beauty to your new world - Decorate with Houses, Castles and Igloos, and create life on your world with AI Humans INTRODUCE TECHNOLOGY... OR DESTROY IT ALL - Utilize tech like Batteries, Crosswires, Resistance, Bulbs, Heaters, Coolers, LEDs and multiple Sensors - Destroy everything you can with C4, Meteorites, Nitro, TNT or even a Nuke CAMPAIGNS & DAILY QUESTS - Experience the creation of the universe through a full campaign of 15 levels - Explore a prehistoric world with the Caveman, and fight Bears and Wolves to recover his child in the Caveman Campaign - Learn how to draw pixel art like a real artist in the zen drawing Pixel Art Campaign - New Daily Quests, pulled from the best player creations. Challenge the best in the world, or build your levels for a chance to be featured BROWSE THE GALLERY AND SHARE ONLINE - Share your worlds with other players - Search worlds by keyword or by tags (pixel art, music, arcade, technology or landscape) - Filter worlds based on the Newest or Hottest creations - Play the most inspiring worlds and interact with them in various ways - Rate the creations on 5 stars
The Sandbox Evolution


The Sandbox Evolution 1.0.3